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samedi 15 novembre 2008

Just The Word

  • JustTheWord is a completely new kind of aid to help you with writing English.
  • If English is your first language, JustTheWord can help you express that elusive idea with le mot juste.
  • When we write, we search our knowledge of words in two ways. We choose between words that mean similar things. A thesaurus gives us access to this sort of knowledge. But our choice constrains and is constrained by the other words in the sentence. We know, or need to know, which word combinations sound natural. A dictionary gives us access to some of this sort of knowledge.
  • Type a word into the box and hit return or Show Combinations. JustTheWord will give you a detailed description of the company which that word keeps in modern-day English. To help you find your way to the information you need, in the right-hand frame you'll find the part(s)-of-speech and the types of relation that the word is found in. If you're looking for the right adjective to modify a noun you've chosen, click on the 'ADJ mod N*' link. If you want a verb with the noun as its object, follow the 'V obj N*' link. The star * marks your input, so you can tell the difference between for instance 'N* and N' and 'N and N*'. Within many types of relation you'll find the uses of the word clustered into groups with a similar meaning. The words that are not assigned to a cluster are grouped together at the end of the relation. 
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Mon commentaire

Excellent me semble-t-il pour varier la manière de s'exprimer et les tournures de phrases en anglais. Sûrement un outil utile pour un langagier qui doit réinventer sans cesse l'expression.

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