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jeudi 20 novembre 2008

Portails multilingues avec flux RSS (CE)

The Joint Research Centre (JRC) is a Directorate-General of the European Commission. The JRC has for many years worked on highly multilingual text analysis applications and has also contributed to the dissemination of the DGT (Directorate-General for Translation) Translation Memory. In addition to developing various reliable high-usage in-house tools, the JRC made three news aggregation and analysis applications of the Europe Media Monitor (EMM) family publicly accessible. EMM aggregates news from about 1,200 news portals world-wide in 42 languages. The news portals are visited around the clock and EMM updates its pages every ten minutes. The non-public, Commission-internal EMM applications additionally ingest news from about 20 different newswires. EMM's sites receive up to 1.2 million hits per day. Much information is available via RSS feeds.

  • MedISys: EMM's Medical Information System selects the health-related EMM news and additionally gathers documents from about 150 medical web sites. MedISys displays the medical news according to diseases, symptoms, organisations and themes and has statistics-based early warning functions for each category. A second, restricted site offers more functionality to EU public health organisations. 42 languages.
  • NewsExplorer: Summary of the news in 19 languages for each 24-hour window; grouping of related news into clusters; linking of daily clusters over time and across languages (multilingual and cross-lingual topic tracking); visualisation of time lines and of geographical news coverage; information extraction to detect and disambiguate persons, organisations and locations; individual, daily-updated pages for 700,000 names; detection of quotations by and about people; automatic calculation of social networks.

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