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lundi 10 novembre 2008



« This website allows you to quickly and easily search more than 100 million words of text of American English from 1923 to the present, as found in TIME magazine. You can see how words and phrases have increased and decreased in usage and see how words have changed meaning over time. »

À noter

  • Accès au texte complet

  • Interface convivial

  • Copie-écran des options possibles : 

  • Choose the type of display

    CHART: This option presents "bar charts" that indicate the overall frequency for all matching words or phrases in each section of the corpus. This is probably the best option for comparing between different genres (spoken, magazines, etc), or to compare time blocks since 1990. (Example of chart display)

    LIST: Choose this option to see a listing of each individual word or string that matches the query. (More information on types of search strings).

    COMPARE WORDS: This allows you to compare the collocates (nearby words) for two different words, such as small / little, or start / begin, which provides insight into the difference in meaning or use of these two words. (More information on word comparisons).

  • Beaucoup d'autres options sont possibles.

  • Une excellente source à consulter si on tient compte de la notoriété du magazine qui a toujours été très près de l'actualité. 

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